Buy Cocaine Online – How Brits are buying coke on deep web

Buy Cocaine Online – How Brits are buying coke on the deep web is detailed research conducted by deepINFO on how easy is become to buy drugs online. With cheaper prices, a lot easier way to find a dealer without a need to meet up some shady characters, deep web is playing an increasingly big role in drug sales. Now, the digital drug buying is on the rise across UK.

Buy Cocaine Online
The UK’s online drug market accounted for 16% of global deep web dealing according to researchers

All it took for us to is one encrypted email, a browser and an URL and we had accessed the famous dutchanonstore. Once we was there we had every drug just a few clicks away. For those of you who still don’t know what drug buying online is, to put it simply: Deep Web allow users to buy and sell illegal drugs online and to remain completely anonymous using Tor. Transactions takes place using crypto currency Bitcoin which is untraceable.

According to Josh to whom we speak (not his real name) he started using deep web to buy cocaine online since 2 years ago: “I heard it on the news, I read it online, my friends told me about it, everyone was doing it”. He said that for a while he was relied on street dealer who was not reliable and didn’t had coke he needed to enjoy partying on the weekend. “I just got tired of it. He was always late, he wouldn’t turn on his phone for days.” While on a party in Bristol, he heard about deep web from a friend. After coming home he said that he did searched the internet for deep web and that’s how he stumbled upon Dutch Anonymous Drug Store. “I didn’t believed it was true ya know, but I said, why not, what I can lose. After some research on bitcoins I purchased from them and guess what, after 1 day I got my package. It was the best coke I’ve ever tried in my whole life. And that’s how it all started. “

On the other hand Lydia (not her real name) said she still rely on her street dealer. “It’s a lot difficult for me to buy it online”. According to online researches and drugs surveys more than 16% had bought drugs online at least one time in their life. Another research carried out by RAND reported that UK has the highest number of drug buyers online.

While ten years ago buying drugs usually was done in dark alley, where some clad youth would come on BMX giving you a bag, today drugs buying is far more secure and less intimidating. Also, thanks to modern technologies buying and selling drugs online had become much tougher for Law Enforcement Agencies to prove. Buyers and sellers can now use ProtonMail encrypted email to handle their transactions.

With some many young Brits turning to the deep web for their drug fix, it’s seems impossible that it won’t grow in popularity. Still, it’s a fact that young people will mostly decide to experiment with drugs use, and buying off from the deep web in that case seems more safer than relying on the streets.

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