Police behind DDoS attacks?

Police behind DDoS attacks? In a recent report by Misha Glenny, a multilingual British journalist, specializing in southeast Europe, global organized crime and cyber-security, something interesting has turned out.

Police behind DDoS attacks

If it hadn’t been for this brazen theft the police might have waited longer before making their arrests. But the rapidity of events made it clear that they already knew the identities of WSM’s administrators, and that – unlike Dream Market, with its high-level security – it was a site that could easily be brought down by low-tech means. Could it be that the DDOS directed against Dream Market – the only way law enforcement could interfere with its activities – was arranged in order to herd its users elsewhere, to a poorly defended site that the police already effectively controlled? No official spokesman from the police forces involved would confirm this but a senior German law enforcement official who had previously worked at Europol admitted to us that this was what happened. So law enforcement knows a few tricks too. But any impact on the drugs market of an operation like this is only ever temporary. New sites with new rules are popping up all the time. The party continues.

Remember, just because one source is claiming such activities are actually happening doesn’t mean it is true. However, Misha Glenny is not a journalist who needs to fake quotes. Instead this dude is a trusted source among cyber crime related topics. While there is nothing we can do regarding our previous activities there is something we can change to prevent such operations being successful in the future.

40 to 50% learned from their mistakes after the Alphabay / Hansa seizure. So the impact of the Dream-DDoS which lead to the WallStreet seizure along with its arrests shortly after might not have been that heavy. Though, people need to understand greediness will get them into jail. Its better to keep your paranoia level high and believe this information instead of ignoring it.

Next time you see a market closing its doors for whatever reason, don’t run to the next market immediately. Lay low for the next couple of months and continue your business after some verified news about what actually happened appeared. Being greedy will and has always been the key factor for someone being caught. Its better to minimize your income during those happenings instead of being jailed by LE just because you were fooled you once again.

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