FBI searching for woman in Dark Web related scheme

FBI WANTED – Federal authorities announced Tuesday they are searching for a co-conspirator who they say took part in a pill scheme with a former doctor who worked for Yale New Haven Hospital and allegedly imported narcotics from the “dark web.”

Jimiesha McKoy is now wanted by the FBI in connection to an alleged pill scheme involving a New Haven doctor.

In a fresh indictment handed down in recent days, Dr. Jennifer Farrell, 37, former second-year resident at the hospital and Fulbright scholar, was charged with 36 counts of distribution of narcotics outside of the scope of professional practice and not for legitimate medical purposes.

Authorities also announced charges against her alleged co-conspirator, Jimiesha McKoy, 30, of New Haven.

Federal authorities including the FBI launched an investigation of Farrell’s activities, alleging she admitted to receiving packages of oxycodone and fentanyl pills online from an unnamed source on what’s known as the dark web.

Investigators allege she also had prescribed pain pills at least 35 times in the names of at least five patients – including McKoy –  who she hadn’t examined, exploiting a loophole in Yale’s software that allowed her to write multiple fraudulent oxycodone prescriptions, according to federal court documents.

McKoy, 30, of New Haven, is now wanted by federal authorities after an indictment was handed down against her, charging her with the same crimes as Farrell.

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