19-year-old Austrian teen wanted to pay drugs with counterfeit money

Counterfeit Money Case – The man from the district of Krems ordered ten 50-euro bills in the Darknet. The trial ended with six months of conditional detention.

Counterfeit Money

To finance his drug use, a 19-year-old from the Krems district had ordered a total of ten false 50-euro bills in the Darknet. The case flew open because Swiss Post intercepted its parcel at the distribution center in Vienna.

Even the second order did not arrive at him. Because it stayed on trial and he did not bring the bogus notes into circulation, he was convicted in the trial at the Regional Court Krems only to a conditional detention of six months and a fine of 720 €. The verdict is already final.

As the cause of his use of several drug substances called the defendant a personal crisis in early 2018. His depressive mood had led him so far that he had himself enrolled in the psychiatry of the State Hospital Tulln. Drugs and drugs were a combination that made him even deeper.

Counterfeit money from Holland

When he had money problems to pay for his addictive substance, he spontaneously chose the way through the Darknet to buy counterfeit money from a Dutch provider. “At about 100 euros you got ten wrong 50 Euro bills,” said the 19-year-old.

As he found his way into the digital black market, he was able to explain step by step to the judge: “I encrypted the IP address of my own PC and got into the Darknet via a server in the US,” the defendant said. How did he get the IT skills, asked the judge? “This is general knowledge,” emphasized the 19-year-old.

He was glad that the order had never arrived at his place. In the meantime, he is clean and makes a teaching mechatronics, he said. The judge believed him to regret the incident and imposed a fine at the bottom of the sentence. The six-month detention was suspended for a three-year probationary period.

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