California nanny sentenced to 30 years in jail for child pornography

Child Pornography case – A former California nanny has been sentenced to 30 years jail for making child pornography videos with the children in his care.

Travis Elconin, 35, of Burbank, produced pornographic videos with at least five children, most of whom were eight and nine years old, between August 2016 and November 2018.

He used his iPhone 8 to film the videos.

Child Pornography

The government identified eight victims connected to Elconin, the US Attorney for the Central District of California said in a press release.

“Elconin used his position as a nanny to exploit and abuse the children in his care, holding himself out as the ‘perfect caretaker’, which induced numerous families – including his friends – to hire him,” the press release states, citing court documents.

Elconin would place ads online for people to hire him as a nanny, writing that his “top priority” was to keep the children in his care safe.

One ad read: “I know how important it is as a parent to know that your children are safe when you’re not around. That would be my top priority.”

Elconin worked with several families.

He was arrested in January and admitted to making pornographic videos with four children, authorities said.

He pleaded guilty in March to producing child pornography.

German connection

During the investigation, German authorities contacted the FBI with information that Elconin discussed child sex abuse and exchanged inappropriate images with suspected child sex abusers in that country

German police said that over the past two years, Elconin exchanged more than 10,000 messages via the dark web and encrypted chat programs.

The FBI, which is handling that case, did not immediately return a request for comment from NBC News on Tuesday.

Life supervision

A judge sentenced Elconin on Monday to prison and placed him on supervised release for the rest of his life after he finishes his sentence.

His attorney, Jonathan Lynn, said in a statement: “Travis Elconin took responsibility for his conduct.

“He pleaded guilty and apologised to his victims.

“He understands he has a problem and wishes to receive any treatment that is available while he serves his sentence.”

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