Two N.J. men caught in cellphone order-theft scam

Cellphone theft order Scam in Dover – Two men from New Jersey have been charged with felony level receiving stolen property after police seized seven Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ cell phones.

Cellphone Theft
Gilbert Martinez and Emanuely Ramirez – Dover Police photo

Gilbert Martinez, 20, of Elizabeth, N.J., and Emanuely Ramirez-Santana, 22, of Jersey City, N.J., were arrested on Friday. Police said the $1,099 cell phones were found in the dark gray Jeep they were in.

According to police, they responded to Grove Street at 2:45 p.m. after a resident reported receiving a package containing a cell phone he had not ordered.

Almost immediately after the package arrived, a man knocked on the resident’s door and attempted to retrieve the phone.

While officers were at Grove Street, police dispatch received a second call reporting the same activity on Gold Post Road. The suspects were seen leaving the area in a dark colored Jeep.

Martinez and Ramirez-Santana were stopped in the area of Mount Vernon Street and Hough Street. An officer seized the phones.

Martinez and Ramirez-Santana were released on personal recognizance bail and will be arraigned at Strafford County Superior Court on Dec. 12.

Police officials remind residents to report suspicious activity – including receiving packages that were not ordered and individuals loitering in neighborhoods – to them.

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