Berlin Man Attempted to order gun on the dark web

Berlin Man Attempted to order gun on the dark web – A 28-year-old who is said to have ordered a live firearm and ammunition from Berlin in the Darknet has stood before the district court. At the time, he had spent a lot of time playing computer games and came up with the idea of ​​getting a real weapon as well as drugs and counterfeit money, the defendant said at the start of the trial. According to the indictment, the man ordered a semi-automatic handgun in July 2019. The account of the supposed provider was not operated by real arms dealers, but by undercover officers of the Australian police.

Berlin Man

After a deposit in the form of bitcoins by the 28-year-old, the case was handed over to the Berlin police, according to the indictment. When the man had paid the remaining sum of 1,500 euros in a parking lot at the Charlottenburg motorway triangle in August 2019 and hoped to hand over the gun, he was arrested. The police also found drugs and several counterfeit banknotes while searching his room in a sports bag.

The accused further stated that he had become unemployed in spring 2019 after having worked in the security industry for several years. Playing on the computer has increased massively after that. After all, he was looking for a weapon in the darknet. “I thought the idea of ​​owning something like this was cool,” said the accused. He had never held a gun in his hand before. The process is expected to continue on January 29.

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