PornHub now has a Tor mirror website

PornHub is now on Tor – The popular porn site Pornhub has just launched a mirror site on Tor so you can watch videos privately without worrying about being tracked online. The adult entertainment company has disabled login and user upload functions for the Tor site, but you can still view content anonymously.

PornHub is now on Tor

For the uninitiated, the Tor Browser hides a person’s identity and location by rerouting network packets through three layers of nodes located in different countries. This pretty much takes away any website or third-party tracker’s ability to uncover details about the person who’s accessing the site.

Some organizations such as Facebook, BBC, and the New York Times already have Tor mirrors accessible through an Onion link. To access, and Onion site, you’ll have to install the Tor browser on your device first. You can find a suitable version for you at:

In a Blog post, Pornhub said the move was to help protect the content viewing preferences of the LGBT community:

” The move serves to bolster user privacy, ensure network security, and alleviate concerns about browsing habits among LGBT users whose preferences remain criminalized in certain countries. “

Pornhub often launches measures and tools to ensure privacy and safety of its users. In 2017, it switched to HTTPS to block ISPs from knowing what you watch on the site. In 2018, the company launched a VPN service for phone and desktop, for secure and private browsing.

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