How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously (Without ID)

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously is a blue-print on how to buy bitcoins while maintaining your anonymity. Privacy is the right of every user in the digital world. As Bitcoins becomes something that people will probably use as the preferred payment, many people are looking to jump on the bandwagon.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously
How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously (NO ID)

In the early days of Bitcoin purchasing BTC was easy. There were no Banking regulations known as KYC – Known Your Customer. Things have changed since then and Bitcoin is not so anonymous anymore.

NOTE: Every Bitcoin transaction is publicly available forever on Bitcoin Ledger. While a public address that is displayed on the Blockchain is not enough for someone to track you, providing your ID for the KYC regulations can uncover your identity as a bitcoin holder.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously – NO ID

Below are some ways to purchase Bitcoins anonymously:

One of the easiest ways for purchasing BTC while keeping your anonymity is through Paxful. With Paxful you can buy bitcoins in cash and in person. By finding someone on Paxful who is selling bitcoins for cash near your area, you can eliminate any KYC providing.

Another way of purchasing Bitcoins is through ATM machines around your city. For more information please visit this website and choose your country.

NOTE: While buying BTC through ATM mostly does not require ID you’re limited to how much you can buy per day/month.

Another and last way to buy bitcoins anonymously is with Prepaid Credit Cards you can acquire at any super market or convenience store. With this card you can buy bitcoins on sites like Paxful and Local Bitcoins .

How to Buy Bitcoins without providing your ID

While this method provides a way for you to buy bitcoins without ID, some of those sites does not accept cash and in person buying but it offers methods like cash deposit.

BitQuick is a website where you can buy bitcoins with cash deposit without providing your ID verification. It works in a way that seller and buyer agree to amount the buyer wants, the seller then deposits Bitcoins into BitQuick Escrow, once the buyer deposit the cash into seller account, bitcoin are released.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that for this method you will need Phone Number Verification.

There are more websites you can use for this method like Hodl Hodl and Bisq.

Advanced Techniques – Use Tor

According to Tor Project, Tor is a free software that helps you browse freely while blocking trackers and defending you against internet surveillance. To use it simply download and install Tor Browser from their Official site at:

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