How to Buy Drugs Online from Darknet Markets?

How to Buy Drugs Online from Darknet and Deep Web Markets will be detailed tutorial on how you can buy any drugs online you can imagine. This tutorial will be using Empire Market as an example but please keep in mind that all markets are similar anyway, so this will work for any market you are on.

How to Buy Drugs Online
How to Buy Drugs Online from Darknet Markets

Tor Browser

In order to start your journey you will need Tor Browser to even access the Darknet Markets because these websites are not like the traditional ones you see on the clearnet. Tor, or the Onion Router Network is a software that enables you to browse the internet anonymously. Websites that are hosted on the Tor Network instead of usual .com or .net domains have .onion domain.

Download and install Tor Browser at:

Note: Please have in mind that before you start using Tor to browser the internet you should have A VPN software installed. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a software that encrypts your internet traffic so your ISP and the Government will not know that you are using the Tor software.

Darknet Markets

Once you downloaded and installed the Tor Browser you will need to find a darknet market where you can buy your goods. You can find the list of some of the most popular darknet markets below:

Darknet Markets Links List

After you found your favorite market copy the link and paste it into the Tor Browser. You will land on the register page of the website. Example of the register page of Empire Market is in the picture below:

Empire Market register page

Just fill out the details requested like the username, password (confirm the password) PIN and the captcha to confirm that you are not the robot. Once done, click on Join Empire Market.

NOTE: PIN is used to make a payment or withdrawal funds. STORE it somewhere SAFE!

How to Buy Drugs Online – Products

Once you’re on the market you will need to find what are you interested in Buying? Are you looking for cocaine, LSD, Weed, XTC, MDMA, Crystal Meth, Heroin? Whatever are you looking for – it’s there. Navigate through the websites category and sub-categories and use filters to narrow down your search.

NOTE: Always order domestically if you can to avoid packages being seized by Law Enforcement. Choose your vendor carefully, use your brain, read reviews before buying anything.

Once you found your vendor and the product you wish you buy, you will need to deposit the funds into the market. Most Markets use Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero as a payment option. Since most of you use Bitcoin, please read our detailed guide on How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously before proceeding.

After you acquired bitcoins and deposited funds into the market, you will need to use PGP to encrypt your shipping address sent to the seller of your product. More about PGP, what is it and how to use it can be found here

With PGP keys all settled up you are ready to order. Click on the product you want and you will land on a page that looks like this (picture below):

NOTE: Double check and read the vendor’s profile on the market to agree to their Terms.

Encrypting your name and address

In order to submit your order you will of course need to send your address to the seller. Follow the PGP tutorial posted above to encrypt your address. Double check the terms of your vendor and the format of the address they ask for. Normally, the format of the address should look like this:

John Doe

140 Some Street

New York NY 10163-4668, US

Copy the Vendor’s Public PGP Key, import it into the your PGP software by following our PGP tutorial posted above and encrypt your message. Now, copy that message and enter it into the form box into the Markets product confirmation (picture above).

Click on Confirm Purchase.

Once that is done your order will be pending before your vendor accepts your order. There are more statuses of ordering, like Pending, Shipped, Finalized and so on.

The last part is that you wait for your package and if everything is good, then kindly release the funds to your vendor. If you however didn’t received your product, just click on open a dispute. The dispute will be then opened between you, vendor and the moderator.

NOTE: Please have in mind that before you choose to open a dispute you should contact your vendor first and ask where you package is. That in most cases should be enough to fix the problem you may having.

How to Buy Drugs Online – Conclusion

You’re done. You are now ready to buy anything you like on the darknet. Please keep in mind to always read reviews before you buy, practice your OPSEC as better as you can, stay safe and use your brain. And last, don’t trust anyone.

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Marlon Dienstag
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You have to trust someone because you put in fucking money at one point!

So can u just tell what site is fucking legit!

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