What is PGP and how to use it? Tutorial

What is PGP and how to use it? PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is one of the most popular methods for encryption today used by banks, financial institutions, journalists and healthcare organizations worldwide. It’s used to send messages confidentially. People are using it on the dark web too and this tutorial is aimed at that.

What is PGP
PGP Encryption and Decryption Process Explained

Example of PGP used on the dark web

Buyer wants to buy something from the darknet market, he puts his address in Raw File (picture above explained). You copy Public PGP Key from your favorite Vendor and paste it into your software (explained below). With the Raw File you have you just click Encrypt and copy the created output generated by software. You can then send this encrypted message over the forum boards, markets, private chats and more.

Video Tutorial

Below you can find video tutorial or just click here:

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