Apollon Market, the second largest darknet marketplace (after Empire) is currently EXIT-SCAMMING. The allegations of exit-scam first appeared on DreadAlert group on Reddit, dedicated to Dread, darknet reddit-like discussion forum.

Apollon Market
Apollon Market is currently exit-scamming

User bryanmccraig04 is one of the first who posted on Dread Alert sub-reddit about Apollon Market exit-scamming. He said:

” apollon is exiting, withdraw problems seen on dread earlier today “

And it followed with new users and vendors started complaining:

” I think Apollon is exiting. Can’t log in, it says username/password incorrect. Another vendor messaged me earlier saying don’t try to withdraw, coins getting frozen. Oh well.”

We confirmed the allegations of Reddit users and it has been confirmed by several other sources as well. One of the signs could also be that Sator, one of the moderators on the Apollon Market is not a moderator anymore, but just a normal member.

Sator, one of the Moderators and Support Staff Member of the Apollon Market now a simple Member

Apollon Market

Apollon Market was the second largest darknet marketplace just after Empire, established 2018. It offered mainly drugs and chemicals to it’s users while having section dedicated to Fraud.

Dread under heavy-DDoS attacks

While Apollon is in the midst of an exit-scam, Empire Market the largest darknet marketplace is down for 2 days with some links popping up here and there that lasts barely 10 minutes. Also, Dread, as previously mentioned, darknet reddit-like discussion forum is under huge DDoS attacks along with other forums like, Envoy, The Hub and Darknet Avengers.

HugBunter, creator of Dread forum posted on Dread Alert sub-reddit about this incident saying:

” We’re back up and running, but under a heavy attack again, what is the difference in this attack? It is targetting all mainstream forum platforms. At the time of writing Dread, The Hub, Avengers and Envoy are all down. Targetted attacks like this can be used to conceal information from being shared such as a market exiting, a market being busted etc. Whatever the reasoning, something is going down. Be extremely vigilant with all markets. We will try to restore service later today once we have set up several new servers to handle the load. Mirrors will be issued via dark.fail in the event we cannot overcome the attack again. “

Where to go next?

Our advice is to join Empire Market, currently the largest and by far most safest and reliable Darknet Market. Since Empire Market is not working currently due to constant DDoS attacks, another choice could be dutchanonstore one of the oldest vendors/market.

Be sure to also check our Market and Shops sections for more darknet marketplaces.

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9 months ago

got also ripped off by this market and it´s vendors…. stay away from this!!!

8 months ago

just loaded 360 btc for nothing smh

8 months ago

ripped by appollon or empire?? @ijdf

7 months ago

this is proper busters i have ordered 2 month ago nothing arrive
seller name DutchTopBoy sell with escrow , i have replay to support he not answer at all
i have try put my feedback , they don’t let me feedback them
stay away from this rubbish market

6 months ago

Confirmed they are exit scamming. I placed orders with 2 reputable sellers that I have never had issues with in the past. No fulfillment or responses from sellers. They also remove negative feedback and update the sellers’ last login to be current. Stay away.

Super Maid
Super Maid
1 month ago
Reply to  Guest

Used this site for 2 years, I can confim they are now exit scamming.. unfortunately 🙁

Sad day..

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