Dread is still down, Empire Market unstable – What to do?

Dread is still down and Empire Market is very unstable – what to do next? Here are some tips for darknet users after Apollon Market exit-scam.

Dread is still down
Dread Darknet Reddit-like Forum

Dread, a Reddit-like dark web discussion forum is down for 4 days. Last update from HugBunter the creator of Dread was 28 January on DreadAlert Reedit sub dedicated to Dread announcements. Empire Market, currently the largest darknet market is very unstable in the last 4 days after the exit-scam of second largest deep web market, Apollon. Because of this, many deep web users are left in the dark with no information. To prevent (as far as we possibly can) any further scams and phishing attempts we are going to write some tips on what to do when things like this happen.

Currently the only stable Empire Market link is the main one – empiremktxgjovhm.onion. As of now it automatically redirects users to any working link. dark.fail is the second source for any legit and PGP verified Empire Market links. Please be sure to always manual PGP verify links although dark.fail is more than trusted. darkfail.org or any other website that has darkfail in it is a PHISHING website that you should avoid at all cost. Do not use any Empire Market links posted on Reddit sub-groups since most of them are also phishing links. If one of the mentioned links (either the main one or from dark.fail) don’t work at the moment, just wait and try to refresh the page in the next 15-20 minutes.

Dread main link is – dreadditevelidot.onion. All updates will be posted on Reddit DreadAlert sub so be sure to periodically check it.

Please be sure to check our Markets and Shops section where you can find many more trusted darknet markets and shop while you wait for Empire to come back.

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