Cryptocurrency Mixer PrivCoin shuts down

Cryptocurrency Mixer PrivCoin is shutting down it’s operations due to new and extensive regulations added to the European Union in January 2020. PrivCoin was one of the most used cryptocurrency mixers and even suggested by Empire Market owners.

Cryptocurrency Mixer PrivCoin
PrivCoin Homepage

Instead of the usual homepage on the PrivCoin website, users will now see Goodbye message posted on the website.

“Goodbye World

While we previously blocked users from countries with over-reaching regulations, new and extensive regulations added to the European Union in January 2020 have made it impossible to reasonably operate

Privcoin has been not for profit and will donate the remainder of the “profits” made to worthy charities.

We sincerely hope that we have saved several lives by providing privacy services.”

Along with this message, admins and operators of Cryptocurrency Mixer PrivCoin posted a few links to the websites where it’s explained how PrivCoin was used in extortion and kidnapping schemes. One of the possible reasons for shutting down operations of PrivCoin could also be recent news of Grams admin being charged for running cryptocurrency laundering operation.

PrivCoin had large user base and it was suggested by Empire Market as a way to clean your coins.

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