Two Dutch Dark Web drug dealers arrested

Two Dutch Dark Web drug dealers arrested for running a large-scale dark web drug operation – The Hague police arrested two suspects last Thursday morning in an investigation involving close cooperation with German justice. The men are suspected of being involved in large-scale drug trafficking via the dark web.

Two Dutch Dark Web
Seized packages during investigations

The investigating agency in Frankfurt investigated a 38-year-old man from Pijnacker who regularly sent drugs to the post in Germany. The German judicial authorities suspect that in this way the sale and delivery of drugs via Germany to many hundreds of customers worldwide took place on the darkweb.

In May 2019, the Netherlands was asked via a European Investigation Order to cooperate in the investigation. The investigation then led to a 40-year-old man from Voorburg. This man is suspected to be the one who organized the sale on the dark web. The 38-year-old man from Pijnacker would then prepare the drug shipments and take them to Germany and Belgium to post to customers all over the world. The offer on the dark web covered almost all conceivable types of drugs: from amphetamine, XTC, cocaine and hashish to ketamine. Large quantities of drugs were found during a search in a shed.

The man from Pijnacker has been arrested in Germany and will be prosecuted there. The man from Voorburg will be prosecuted in the Netherlands. He has been brought before the examining magistrate today, who has determined that he will be detained for 14 days.

The investigation was conducted by the Regional Criminal Investigation Department in collaboration with the International Legal Assistance Center.

The research tackles an important supplier of drugs via the dark web. The men are held responsible for at least 1300 orders. In recent years they have been active in two other forums, which were closed earlier. Yet they found a way to continue their sales anonymously.

The dark web is a part of the internet that cannot be found or accessed just like that. Websites cannot be found via a search engine and the user needs a special program (and often log-in details) to get there. The dark web is widely used for criminal activities, such as selling drugs, weapons or child pornography.

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