UNDERGROUND Drugs Shop – How you can buy cocaine online

UNDERGROUND Drugs Shop? Available to everyone online? Operating without all those boring outdated security features no one wants? Did you ever asked yourself if there is such a thing? A website where you can buy any drugs you ever imagined? Coke? Speed, Ket, LSD, Weed, Heroin? Dutch Drugs Store or dutchanonstore is the answer. In today’s post we will be covering one of the prominent dark web drugs shop.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to educate the general public on how easy is to buy drugs online today, the risk of it and what you can do prevent this. deepwebmarketsreview in no way condone or endorse the use of illicit drugs.

About one week ago, Royal Mail delivered an ordinary envelope to Steven’s door. Inside was a tiny vacuum-sealed plastic bag containing 3.5g’s of highly addictive drug – Cocaine. Steven, a DJ in South-Essex ordered more than 20 grams of this drug through online website Dutch Drugs Store. He found the website trough a friend he knew, visited it through Tor, a specially-designed internet software to conceal your IP address. “Under there you had instructions” he said. “It’s like, creating an email, shooting up a message, paying with the digital currency Bitcoin and you’re done. There was no PGP, no complicated encrypted links. It’s was plain and simple”

Dutch Drugs Store, a digital drugs market exists more than a year now. According to multiple reviews on the website it has more than 600 active users and growing. What makes it so effective it’s the easy of buying. “It’s like you’re buying books on the Amazon. It’s Amazon for drugs” said Steven.

Shop page of Dutch Drugs Store

In the picture above, there is just a small selection what we could find on the website. From 1 gram of 95% cocaine, to the 10 LSD tabs featuring Bears, a gram of Afghan Heroin and much more.

Posted listings are located all over the world, while majority of them are from United Kingdom and United States.

Finding the website was not tricky at all, considering how tricky was finding the original Silk Road for example. This drugs shop sits in plain sight, operating on the normal web, but It’s still underground shop for drugs.

Full review conducted by deep web markets review can be found here

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