How to solve Dread’s CAPTCHA – GUIDE

How to solve Dread’s ENDGAME CAPTCHA – Dread, a reddit-like darknet community discussion forum has released a new CAPTCHA called ENDGAME in an attempt to stop DDOS attacks. Paris, a Dread moderator wrote:

“Some of your may very well hate me for this captcha deployment. I don’t blame you it’s harder to wrap your head around. However if you give it enough time to look at what is needed you realize it is the same.”

How to solve
Dread’s new ENDGAME CAPTCHA system

“With this I’m going to be adjusting how the captchas on dread are deployed to hopefully to reduce the amount of captchas overall.”

How to solve Dread’s CAPTCHA according to moderator of Dread, Paris:

There are three of the same colored icons in three lines at different locations. Some of the icons are darker than others. When you see the three lines of icons copy the corresponding placement of the dark icons to the right and press verify.

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