Agartha Market Review – Scam or Not?

Agartha Market Review – SCAM OR NOT? – Agartha Market, an Agora clone with no real affiliation to the mentioned marketplace is a SCAM market. After doing investigation into the market we learned that it selectively scams user funds while allowing a lot of scammer vendors to operate on their site. While there are some legit vendors operating there (for who know what reason) Agartha Market should be avoided and treated like a scam market.

Agartha Market Review
Agartha Market Homepage

What is Agartha Market?

Agartha marketplace is a dark web market created somewhere in 2019. It’s a feature-rich marketplace that accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero. Like previously Agora used names, Agartha is Agora clone, based on Agora source-code.

About Agartha Market

In their own words: The current age is one of obscurity and confusion. As long as these conditions prevail it is necessary that the initiatory knowledge of the “Darknet Mysteries” and the history of things prior to the beginning of this cycle, or age, remain hidden. Secret organizations offering valid initiations according to a true and traditional doctrine are no more than a shadow when the spirit of knowledge no longer gives life to the symbols that are only an external representation of the bound to what is called the spiritual Center of the World. At such a time the loss of the tradition is felt, especially when the direct and supportive relationship with the spiritual center is lost.

Is Agartha market related to Agora Marketplace?

Agartha Market is Agora clone with no relationship to the original Agora Market.

Agartha Marketplace LINKS (URL)

Official Agartha Marketplace URL: agarthaourmnyhq3.onion (SCAM)

Agartha Market Review – SCAM OR NOT?

Agartha Market is a SCAM market and should be avoided. Although there is a few of legitimate vendors operating there, there are 90% of scam vendors. Also, Agartha is selectively scamming it’s user funds so depositing funds is like playing Roulette.

Please visit our Markets and Shops page for other legit darknet marketplaces and drug shops.

Please leave a comment below if you have been scammed by Agartha Marketplace.

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