DeepSea Market Offline for 8 hours – Possible Exit-Scam?

DeepSea Market Offline for more than 24 hours now – Is there anything to worry about?

LAST UPDATE: 14/10/2020 – DeepSea is gone. It remains offline for more than 48 hours now without any update from it’s admins. The moderator of DS sub-Dread added that there are slim to none chances that market is coming back. DEEPSEA STATUS – EXIT SCAM

NEW UPDATE 3: 13/10/2020 – DeepSea Market remains down for more than 30 hours. At this point there’s a small chance that market will come back considering there has been no updates from the admin team. It’s still early to say is this exit-scam or the server has been turned off/compromised. It doesn’t look like planned exit-scam, more likely technical server issues. BE CAUTIOUS IF MARKET COME BACK!

NEW UPDATE 2: 13/10/2020 – DeepSea Marketplace remains offline, more than 24 hours now. There has been confirmation from various vendors from the market, on Dread, that they did received they withdrawal yesterday, still, going offline for over 24 hours without any valuable explanation is not a good sign.

NEW UPDATE: 12/10/2020 – DeepSea Market remains offline, more than 14 hours now. There has been a new update from DS moderator, Atlantic, saying:

Hi all
I would tell you something now. We do not have hot wallets at the market. I can’t go in more details but admin physically accessed the cold wallets today and processed all the requested withdrawals. The admin was online on jabber till 6:30 am GMT and from this post: /post/36d97a67d3cac961e962/#c-cd8b0d7b88fcab976b, it seems he processed the withdrawals before that.

I don’t know what happened after that but a trusted source told me that there was atleast one guy who hired DDoS attackers to attack our market and it happened last night. Now, it may be a possibility that a very strong attack completely fucked up the server while admin was away. Also, one of us has a conversation with a tech guy(Clownsec, pentester) we hired to fix bunch of things, he is working with head moderator and the senior moderator, they were online 48 mins ago on jabber but i wasn’t able to get hold on them. Admin is probably busy and is offline. I will update when I get more details.

UPDATE : DeepSea is offline for more than 12 hours now. Still no updates from admin team.

DeepSea Marketplace links (including vendor private urls) has been down for more than 8 hours. According to market moderator, Atlantic, market and it’s admins are still offline.

What we know so far? Atlantic, DeepSea Market moderator posted an update on Dread, saying:

Hi all

I’m aware that the market is down, including vendors private mirror, which was always online. I spoke to admin 10 hours ago, everything was very normal and we spoke like we speak generally. There were few issues reported and those were resolved ASAP. Few hours ago, admin was online on jabber and now he is offline, generally he doesn’t use jabber at this time, that’s why I’m not worried. I think it’s a tech issue or something wrong with servers, which are already under heavy DDoS attacks. Everyone who requested withdrawals yesterday were already processed. As soon as, I’ll hear something from the admin I’ll update everyone.

deepsea market offline
DeepSea Market moderator, Atlantic, notifying users about downtime on Dead

About 30 minutes ago Atlantic created a new Dread post saying that he’s a bit worried but still very optimistic. He added:

Hey all

I know it’s frustrating that market is offline from last eight hours. I’m still optimistic, as no vendor was locked out and each & every deposit was processed yesterday. Our link directory: http://sp4jpokprfuaznn6.onion/mirrors.txt is hosted on another server and it’s independent from the market server. We can see this is online and rotating mirrors are updating every hour but no-one can connect to the market.
It is important to note that, we’ve manual withdrawals and in an exitscamming situation admins can keep the market online for days which would help them maximizing the profit but as market is offline that means something has gone wrong and maybe they aren’t aware of the situation. Admin talks to me at a very specific time, not going to reveal for OpSec reasons, all I can tell you is, I still have to wait(it can take hours) for him to come online. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll update.

Is this early sign for an exit-scam? At this moment no one can answer this question. From logical point of view it there’s not an incentive for market admins to exit this early, but considering that Bitcoin price has been up almost 10% in the last few days, anything is possible. At this moment it’s important to not create any FUD. DeepSea Market being offline for 8 hours may not be a bad sign at the start. Technical issues happens when you’re having that big site. Of course, at the other hand, we need to stay updated on the issues like this.

DeepINFO will keep you updated every hour. Don’t forget to check back this page for new information regarding DeepSea Market downtime.

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