THE PEOPLES DRUG STORE Reviews – Scam or not? Alternative Links

THE PEOPLES DRUG STORE Reviews – SCAM OR NOT? The People’s Drug Store is probably one of the oldest dark web drug shops in existence. It’s dating back to original Silk Road and it’s been covered by a number of prominent Youtuber’s as well as some news sources. But is this website really legit? That’s what we are gonna found out in today’s article.



The People Drug Store is a dark web drug shop operating on Tor Network. It has been in existence for at least 7 years according to various Reddit Sources. They offer a wide range of drugs that anyone can buy anonymously using Bitcoin. Their address can be found at –http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion – They are currently offering Heroin, Speed, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Cannabis and Prescription drugs. It’s necessary to register on their website before you can purchase.


THE PEOPLES DRUG STORE is a known scam. They have been operating the many exact same websites (like BitPharma, EUCanna and others) that we will cover in next articles. One of the first obvious sign is that you can not contact their admins or support team before purchasing, it says that you need to purchase first. After purchasing, according to various credible sources, you will still have that same message. They apparently offer Escrow but it’s obviously controlled by them since they are not a market but rather traditional vendor shop. Everyday we can see at least two or three complaints on them on various reddit groups, forums and dark web websites.

Final word

People’s drug store is a SCAM website and everyone should avoid it. They have been scamming customers for years without delivering any of their products. Let us know in the comments about your experience with them. If you have been scammed by them share it with us and other possible customers in the comments below.

If you need any alternative legit dark net drug stores, don’t forget to check out our Markets and Shop page.

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