Canada HQ EXIT-SCAM – Alternative Links

Canada HQ Exit-Scam – Alternative Links – Canada HQ (CHQ), one of the largest Canadian domestic darknet market has apparently exit-scammed. Allegations first came from a vendor on Canadian HQ market going by the name “FridayNights” – who posted on Dread that all of the market mirrors are offline, including the vendor private URLs. They added that – “They were messaged by the market support stuff asking them would they like to promote themselves on their product page, noting that while this message was strange to them, they didn’t think much of it at that time.

Canada HQ

What is Canadian HQ?

The Canadian HeadQuarters, more commonly known as Canada HQ or CHQ was a Tor darknet marketplace specially designed for Canadian customers. It was established in 2018 as a small RC-Benzos marketplace, growing into one of the largest darknet markets in the world, offering all kinds of drugs, from MDMA to coke and heroin.

Canada HQ Status?

Current status of CHQ market is unknown but it can be assumed that the market exit-scammed, considering that it has been offline for full 3 days and that there was no updates by their market admins. Also, their sub-dread was also removed leaving their customers in dark.

Alternative Links

Are there currently any Alternative to Canadian HQ? Yes, You can check out our Markets and Shops page for more info.

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2 years ago

new link released i seen

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