DeDope Reviews – Scam or Not? Legit Alternative Links

DeDope Reviews – Scam or Not? – DeDope also known as German Weed Store is one of the oldest drugs shops in existence on the Tor Network but as it was the case with BitPharma it’s a known scam operating since the early days of Silk Road that has been probably created and operated by the same person (or group of people). Today we will review one of the known scam website, DeDope.

DeDope Reviews

DeDope, a German weed drug store can be found at this address http://sga5n7zx6qjty7uwvkxpwstyoh73shst6mx3okouv53uks7ks47msayd.onion/ – The old v2 link is still up and running and it can be accessed via http://kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onion/

When you enter the website you have a few different products to choose from, mainly in Cannabis and Hash niche. They are currently offering Bubblegum and Marrok Hash for sale. The minimum order amount for weed is 10g, while for Hash you can only select options from 50g up to half kg. This store has been powered by TorShops, known scam service on the dark web that has been in existence since at 2013, at least. The same group of people are probably standing behind the famous People’s Drug Store website, BitPharma, UK Guns and Ammo and others.

DeDope Reviews

DeDope has a nice, clean, lightweight design. It has a products category, FAQ category where you can read general questions about their service, quality of products, delivery times and other. They accept only Bitcoin as a form of payment. Some functions of the website are not working properly, there are a few errors and the website looks a bit outdated.


Is DeDope a scam website? YES, DeDope is a scam website operated by the same group of people who operate TorShops, BitPharma, The People’s Drug Store and many others. Once you place your order, you will not have any support whatsoever, your order will probably not arrive and you will lose your money. Currently, there are a huge number of scam complaints for DeDope on private dark web forums, Reddit sub-groups like this one.

Final Word

Have you used their service? Did you ordered something from this website? Please let us know in the comments section below about your experience in order to help others and stop this fraud.

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