Brainmagic Reviews – Scam or not? Legit Alternative Links

Brainmagic Reviews – SCAM OR NOT? – Brainmagic, a Psychedelic vendor drug store operating via Tor Network is probably one of the oldest drug shops around that has been featured by many hidden wiki pages in the last 10 years. One of the questions that keeps popping out every now and then on many darknets forums and Reedit Posts is, can you trust brainmagic or not? Is it a reputable store? Can you safely buy LSD and DMT from their store without getting scammed? On this and many more questions about this store we will try to answer on this article.

brainmagic reviews

So, what is Brainmagic? Brainmagic is a psychedelic drug store that offers mainly DMT and LSD at their store. It says that they ship 3 times a week from the US. At this time of writing you can buy for example, hits of LSD ranging from 30 up to 300, at 150ug dose. The design of the webpage is lightweight at it’s hosted on the Tor Network. On their store you can find a product page, with the products available for purchase, FAQ page along with usual register and login page. The FAQ page surprisingly does not answer on almost anything except that it points customers to where they can buy bitcoins. Shipping is 5 USD with free shipping on all orders over 100 USD. This shop can be accessed via official link at – http://2ln3x7ru6psileh7il7jot2ufhol4o7nd54z663xonnnmmku4dgkx3ad.onion

Brainmagic Reviews – Scam or not?

Brainmagic website does not reveal a lot of information about shipping, stealth, delivery speed, where it ships to and many more questions that’s usually asked when you shop with somebody for the first time. Based on this, it’s very hard to conclude anything just like that. Fortunate for many of you, group that operates this web shop is the same one that operates TorShops, that hosts BitPharma, EuCanna and many others that we covered in our previous articles. Brainmagic is a SCAM website and should be avoided at all cost. If you have been scammed by this website please leave your experience in the comment below, this way you help avoid someone else getting in the same situation like you.

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1 year ago

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Convi Paul
1 year ago

Yes< they are really not what they are.
They also did the same to me but Thank God hiring a hacker from dark Basin on deep web was the same way I reverted to a recovery.
I lost huge some of money which was recovered by Barrysanchez @
all hope is not lost my friend. Talk to them and they will help you too.

2 years ago

1 x 30 Hits LSD – 150ug = 0.00194 ฿
Total incl. shipping: 0.00204 ฿
Shipping method: Regular
Status: In progress

I sent $110.77 US dollars or
.002277 BTC
Bitcoin value at that time was 48,644.35 on coinbase

48644.35*.002277= 110.763

0.00194 + 0.00204 = 0.00398

Total incl. shipping: 0.00204 ฿
Sent                  .002277 ฿ = 110.763

Balance should be      .000237 ฿
Balance on Brainmagic  .00000 ฿

2 years ago

I made a purchase on Brainmagic which still shows as in progress.
Its a scam!
I created my Brainmagic account, then put my bitcoin in the wallet over what I needed for my purchase. The wallet was emptied to a balance of 0.00
They took my money and never sent anything.

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