Reviews – Scam or Not? Reviews – Scam or not? – La-Cocaine(dot)org is a scam website in an opioid and drugs scam. This website apparently sells cocaine online to Europe, USA, Canada, UK and Australia, but also offers free worldwide shipping. It accepts bitcoin as a payment option. scam

How this scam works?

This scam works in a way that the website owner uses the domain and a website (picture above) to scam people by pretending to sell goods that he does not own. Once you pay for the goods, you will not get anything in return. Most of the times not even a reply. This type of scams are emerging year after year and are very hard to spot for newbies.

What can I do now?

If you already sent the money to this website, there is nothing you can do to retrieve it back, however some of these scams will try to extort more money out of you so if you have been asked to send more money in order to get your parcel delivered or you are forwarded to a website that offers shipping service, do not send more money – it’s a scam.

If you are in need of the medicines offered by some of the website mentioned above you can always check out our Markets and Shops page and find legit alternative to this website.

Don’t forget to always use Tor Browser when browsing sites like these in order to secure yourself online.

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