Reviews – Scam or Not? Reviews – Is it a scam? cocaine online shop is a website that apparently sells cocaine and heroin. They call themselves international suppliers of a wide range of cocaine like, Bolivian, Peruvian and Colombian. They are apparently shipping from Lithuania, Germany and Ukraine. They accept bitcoin and bank transfer as a payment option. So the real questions many are currently asking while reading this is – can be trusted? Read below to find out.


So after doing a proper investigation of this website we stumbled upon a few of huge red flags. One of these is that they accept bank transfer as a payment option. No matter how hard you hide this or use a fake information while setting up a bank account, Law Enforcement agencies would arrest you in no time. Apart from that, they to take returns of the packages which is a very bad OPSEC (Operational Security) at the vendors end and again, considered as a huge red flag. They pride themselves for being 30+ years in business which again, should be obvious it’s a scam.

Can this website be trusted? No. This is a scam website and they will take your money without delivering anything in return.

What can I do if I already purchased something from their website?

If you already sent them the money then there is probably nothing you can do at this moment. If you are contacted by them asking to send more money, avoid and ignore them. If you are asked to visit their partner shipping company because your parcel is currently stopped in the transit, again, avoid as it’s a common scam. If you are in need of the products offered by this website you can always find an alternative on our Directory Page.

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