Hidden Marketplace Reviews – Scam or Not?

Hidden Marketplace Reviews – Is it a scam or not? – Hidden Marketplace is one of the marketplaces that have been extensively featured by a lot of Hidden Wiki directories around the dark web for the past years. There has been a lot of questions online about this marketplace such as – can it be trusted? As was the case with DeepMart market in today’s article we will try to investigate this website closely and give you the answer you’re looking for.

Hidden Marketplace

Hidden Marketplace is a dark web market hosted on the Tor Network. It has been created in 2017 and it’s a multi-vendor marketplace. Registration on this market is mandatory and customers are apparently protected by the market’s Escrow feature. It offers a wide-variety of products including: Credit Cards, Fake Money, Money Transfers, Gift Cards, Gadgets and Porn and Erotic section. They offer payments in Bitcoins only. This market does not have a lot of backing by other large forum communities, the market is not present on any known dark web community, nor it’s vouched for by anyone credible in the fraud community.

After doing a bit more of investigation into this market we did found out (as was the case with DeepMart) a lot of complaints on Reddit about this market being a scam. Once you deposit the money, you will not hear from them anymore and their Escrow system is a fake one as it’s being owned by them. For some time they also had a clear net version of the website and if we look at the Trust Pilot trust score and a lot of negative reviews, it should be fairly obvious that this website is a scam. We also did verify with our own sources from the dark web and it has been confirmed by many other legit directories that this website is a complete scam. You should stay away from Hidden Marketplace at all cost. If you have already deposited money into their website, there is probably nothing you can do at this moment.

If you have been scammed by them please leave your experience in the comment below so you can help fellow users avoid the mistake you made.

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7 days ago

it’s a lie! I bought the iPhone 12 in this market and it came to me within 8 days !!!

2 months ago

Hidden market place is a real SCAM.

I completely burned 159$ + 20$ transaction.

Never never transfer if you don’t have a real warranty.
.. I was too excited and boom

Stupid me

And please be also aware from that site that tell you wihic site is good and Wich one is a scam.
Most of the time they are done from the site people who planned the fraud.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jag0
2 months ago

Royalmarket is A big scam be aware ..no support the escrow steel your money

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