ccPal Store Reviews – Is it a scam?

ccPal Store Reviews – Is it a scam? – ccPal Store is a dark web fraud shop that’s offering PayPal, eBay and Credit Cards with CVV2 for sale. It has been posted on many dark web and hidden wiki pages around the web and many of you asked us via our contact email to verify this store and make a post about it and that’s what we are gonna do in today’s article.

ccpal store reviews

ccPal present themselves as a store that’s offering credit card and stolen paypal accounts for sale. They say in their own words that – We are the ccPal hackers group. We got more accounts than we can ever sell from old hacks and phishing. And we also get huge new lists every few days so get them while supply lasts and prices are cheap! All lists are totally random, some paypals or CCs will have 0 balance, some will have $5000 balance or more. We don’t have the time to check them all before we sell them, 80%+ working guarantee, we will replace if more than 20% don’t work!

Once you register on their shop, you are presented with a message that says:

Due to too large message volume only our customers who have already bought from us will be able to use this message function.

If you want to talk to us, please make an order first. We always reply to people who made a purchase within 12-24 hours!

If you have questions about the site, delivery etc check our info page. For questions on how to buy bitcoins we recommend you check and

Or in other words you’re not allowed to have any contact with them until your purchase, in which case it can be too late to do anything in case of a scam. They are currently offering 3 products for sale, 100x Pay Pal accounts for 100 USD, 100x eBay accounts for 100 USD and 100x Credit Cards with CVV 2 for 150 USD. They are boasting of having 80%+ working cards guarantee, while the other 20% will be replaced if don’t work.

ccPal Store Reviews Conclusion – ccPal is a scam website that should not be trusted or used in any way. This shop has a few number of complaints on some dark web forums and reddit groups like this one. Please also don’t forget to visit our Scam Databse and verify whether is a website you’re trying to buy from a scam or not.

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