Official Pharma Scam List – Reviews

Official Pharma Scam List and Reviews – As we did in the past with Tor Scam List we decided to create a public scam list of all websites in the Opioid/Pharma Scam niche. Many of these websites are operating on the clear net version of the internet using every-day domain names like . com or .net. A lot of these websites are costing customers hundreds and thousands of dollars by pretending to sell goods on their website that they don’t own. We really hope that this project will evolve into something much bigger (just like our previous one) so please help us by reporting the scam websites in the comment section below or by contacting us on our Contact Us page. We will try to respond to everyone as quickly as we can.

Official Pharma Scam List

Official Pharma Scam List

Welcome to one of the biggest Pharma Scam lists. On this page we will try to publish daily links to all websites and vendors shop that scam users. Be sure to bookmark and check this page daily to be alerted and protected by scams.

This blacklist is a community project to list all websites and vendor shops that scam, selectively scam, ship bad product, dox customers, threaten, are LE or have been arrested/compromised by LE. Please use our comments section below to report any market or vendor if you believe a vendor/market should be added to this blacklist.

Every day new scam websites are being created on the internet. If you have been scammed or have any information about fake websites please visit our Contact Us page and report the website via our email, anonymously. We will, if enough evidence supplied add the website to this scam list. You can also use the comment section below to report any website and help other users stay safe.

How to use this website?

To check if the site you are browsing is a scam please use the search function below to check if the site is stored on our database.

Scam Websites:

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