Reviews – Scam or Not? Reviews – Scam or Not? – is a scam website operating in an drugs scams. This simple in design website is offering a large selection of drugs for sale including but not limited to Adderall Amphetamine, Bolivian and Bio Cocaine for USA, Crystal Meth, Grand Daddy Purple weed strain, Sugar Wax, Heroin, Oil Cartridges and many more.

What is a drug scams and how they work?

Drug scams are online scams that are offering illegal drugs for sale. They work in a way that a perpetrator (a scam website) is creating a fake website that is offering for sale goods they do not own. Typically this scams also involves a fake shipping company that will try to scam you by taking your money for an “insurance fee” in order to release your package from postal transit. On our website you can always check a lot of more reviews and information on how this scam works.

Who’s behind

In most cases scammers create their websites in an anonymous way so there is not much real information you can obtain by these websites or information on who’s behind the whole operation. In most cases, a simple WHOIS search on this website will land you a good number of information like when the website is created, who registered the website (it’s usually a fake name or a protected who is) and where it’s hosted.

Is legit or a scam?

This website is a SCAM website that should be avoided at all cost.

What should I do if I have been scammed?

In a lot of cases there is nothing you can do. Most of the time website like these are using bitcoin for their payment methods which can not be reversed. The best you can do is to leave your comment on our website below and spread this scam to everyone else and in the road help someone to avoid making same mistake you did.

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Serge Kowalchuk
Serge Kowalchuk
1 month ago

very bad experiance once to chemco now bycocaineforsale feel very used older gent in 60s

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