About us

Welcome to DeepWeb Markets Review. This page provides a short introduction about us and our website.

About Us

We are a small team of Darknet / Deepweb and Bitcoin/Tor Enthusiast and researchers. Our mission is to gather publicly available information and to educate the public on everything that is related to the darknet in general.

We strongly believe that all information should be free and easily accessible to everyone. By educating the public we will create a safer environment by reporting on security risks, scams and arrests conducted by Law Enforcement Agencies around the world.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with the dark net community. We gather our information from publicly available sources as well as private sources we gathered through our connections.

We do not and will never favor one market or service over another. We will always provide accurate and honest information based on facts. We will never direct our readers to a scam websites. If we found any website that is posted on our list and it’s doing any scams of any sort it will be posted to our Dead/Scams list.

If you are a Blogger or Journalist you can always count on our help. We will never request money or any other condition for providing information from our sources to Bloggers/Journalists. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also keep in mind that we do not make money from this website. We will never post any affiliate links to other markets or services. We earn only from small advertisement to legal website (such as bitcoin providers) only to cover our hosting costs. Time, effort and sometimes money we put into this project is much bigger than what we earn from it. This is our hobby and we will continue doing this for the public.

Please also note that we will NEVER received or request money to add, remove or change the status of any website, markets or services. Every site get’s the status it deserves.

This website will not only server as a onion directory, we will also post honest reviews of any services so we can better help our customers to decide whom to trust.

Thank you for choosing us, we will continue to provide the most updated, accurate and reliable information for the Darknet Markets.