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CounterMail E-Mail Link – CounterMail is a secure and easy to use online email service, designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any unnecessary complexity. You can access your email account at any time, from anywhere in the world. Your account will always be encrypted and anonymous. CounterMail’s encryption works automatically and transparently, it requires no specialized computer skills or knowledge. If you are comfortable using services like Hotmail or Gmail, you will be comfortable using CounterMail’s secure email!

CounterMail E-Mail Link

CounterMail E-Mail Link

About CounterMail

Every day, Internet users all over the world send millions of emails. The majority of these are transmitted without any form of encryption. When you send an unencrypted email, it can be monitored, analyzed and stored by many individuals and organizations.

Unencrypted emailing is like sending a postcard, but worse, since email gets copied and saved by the computers that pass it around the net in route for you. It can end up existing on several servers without you knowing it, for anyone to read, whether it was intended for them or not. We believe it’s a human right to have privacy.

You should consider the importance of keeping communications secure from thieves and rival organizations, we strongly recommend you to only send data in an encrypted format.

In many countries, government sponsored organizations have been set up to collect massive amounts of data from the Internet, including emails, and store them for future analysis. This data collection is done without your knowledge or consent.

By using our services you can be assured that your data will be protected from data surveillance.

Other web based email services such as Hotmail and Gmail do not provide you with the same security and privacy features we provide; most email providers will reveal your identity and send your email unencrypted.

Our philosophy is simple; offer the most secure online email service on the Internet, with excellent free support.

CounterMail’s secure servers are located in Sweden.