Deep Search Engine Link

Deep Search Engine Link – Deep Search is a new and fast growing Tor and Dark Web Search Engine created by a young group of students with privacy in mind. This project was created 5 months ago and they have built .onion crawler with unique ranking system. The crawler indexed 160,000 web pages in it’s first 2 weeks.

Deep Search Engine Link

Deep Search Engine Link

Deep Search Engine ABOUT (in their own words)


we are a young group of students who creating a new powerful Tor search
engine. We developed a new onion crawler with unique ranking system and
child porn filter. We adjusted the ranking and filter the last days and still developing.

Our website is online for 2 weeks and still on the Beta Test.
The crawler indexed 160.000 online onion websites on the first 2 weeks and
the database is still growing. Everybody could add a onion service for
free and every new website will be indexed in realtime.

We dont accepting advertising on our Search Engine, because the most are
Scams (like Torch advertising). We try to establish a legit service and
bring a real additional value the the Tor community.
We have cheap access to high scale servers and could ensure maximum
availability and fast indexing without any support from Scammer Money.


We will be very graceful if share your experience and come up with new ideas.
We are still developing and publish new features to our website within the
next weeks. We will keep you informed!

Thank you very much,

Deep Search