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Dread Forum is a Reddit-like dark web discussion forum. The creator and site administrator is individual known online only as HugBunter.

Dread Forum
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According to Wikipedia, Dread is a popular community hub succeeding even DeepDotWeb a popular news site that got seized by FBI in May 2019. Dread came to prominence in 2018 after Reddit banned darknet markets sub-groups. As of 2020 Dread is featuring more than 100,000 members.

Why using Dread is so important? Dread offers a free speech platform by allowing anyone to talk about anything dark web related. On Dread you can always check whether a dark web market exit-scammed, or is it online or down, what’s happening around the dark web, what vendors you can trust based on previous user experiences they post about on Dread and many more.


Main Dread link is: dreadditevelidot.onion (old v2 link, not supported anymore)

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UPDATE: 02/12/2020 – Dread is now having two permanent mirrors running. According to announcement on DreadAlert by HugBunter, two new Dread mirrors are:



Full announcement by HugBunter:

” Today we launched 2 new permanent mirrors which should help spread out the load and whilst they are under attack and have been intermittently online, they are doing their job and we just need to make some final adjustments now to hopefully improve uptime. Thanks for your patience, we’ve been trying to work through this as quickly as possible. “