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Elude.in Anonymous eMail – Elude.in is an anonymous email service that provides privacy to help journalists and activists combat the darknet surveillance that exists on the Internet today.

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What is special about Elude

Your account is a wonderful thing. Although we don’t provide as much storage space as surveillance-funded corporate email providers, Elude has many unique features:

Full disk encryption – Our physical servers are protected and masked over Tor in ways that do not allow anyone other than Elude admins to access them. They are not hosted “in the cloud”. As an additional measure, all of our servers use multiple layer full disk encryption that can only be unlocked by us. Additionally, all communications between our servers is always encrypted. These measures protect against unauthorized access to the storage medium.

Personally encrypted email storage – Your e-mails are encrypted individually on our servers, and can only be unlocked and read using your password. This means that Elude does not have access to the plain-text versions of your email. We cannot read them, nor can we decrypt them. Encryption of new mails is automatic, and only when you log in does the mail become decrypted, so it can be sent to you. Because of this feature, your password is critical to your data. If you lose it, you will not be able to access your account, nor will you be able to decrypt your emails.

All services are encrypted – Any time you connect to Elude servers, using the web mail, or your preferred e-mail client, that connection is encrypted. The only way to access it is through Tor.

Client side end-to-end encryption with webmail – We provide encryption using OpenPGP with our webmail system using our web client. You can always use your own mail client and an OpenPGP addon (e.g. Thunderbird + Enigmail)

We encrypt traffic whenever possible – When you send email from Elude to another secure email provider, the email is encrypted for its entire journey. This encryption happens automatically for data delivery between servers, and protects you against people listening in on the network. If you write an email to another Elude user, your email will not leave our systems and will stay encrypted using the methods above. Because other email providers are outside our control, and we cannot guaranty that they are using proper encryption for network transport. Keeping your communication restricted only to other Elude users is more safe.

Delivery to other providers over Tor Onion Services – If you email another activist email provider, it will be delivered over Tor Services. Your mail is sent only in the encrypted Tor network, and the metadata is hidden.

We don’t disclose your private metadata to email recipients – When you send email with Elude, your internet address (IP address) is not embedded in the email. With corporate email providers, anyone who receives your email can figure out your approximate physical location from the internet address included in the email.

Other nice features of Elude

  • We do not require you to sign up with a phone number or other personal information
  • Our webmail client does not use any javascript, and has strong security policies set.
  • Our passwords are stored with strong hashing algorithms (Argon2)
  • You can purge your data with a click of a button in your security panel.
  • We provide POP which allows you to download your email and delete it from our servers.

Mutual aid

There is no such thing as free email. Services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc make their money from surveillance: they build a profile on your behavior and your desires and then bombard you with advertising specifically targeted to you.

Elude is different, this service is a labor of love by people like you committed to building secure alternative infrastructure. We have been inspired by secure email providers that have preceded us, and are constantly striving to make a better product.

The Elude services takes a lot of time and money to keep running, and is funded entirely by small donations from its users. Please do your part and contribute today.

Elude.in Anonymous email official website (clearnet): https://elude.in/