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Hanf4You Links – Henk’s Cannabis Store – Hanf4You or Hanf Henk, also known as Henk’s Cannabis Store is a vendor .onion shop selling Hash and Weed products with shipping to Germany domestic and Europe countries. They are currently accepting both Bitcoin and XMR with Monero having a priority. On the shop you can currently find Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights weed strains. On this page below you will find all current and live Hanf4You Links.

Hanf4You Links

Hanf4You Links

Hanf4You FAQ

Q: I pay with Monero, and he give Status: processing?
A: After Payment is done the Status is Processing is now Okay! We work on it!!

Q: Are you legit?
A: If by legit, you mean if we send the products if you buy them, the answer is yes.
But if you mean if the products are legal or if is legal to send or receive them at home, then is no, is forbidden to buy, sell and ship this kind of products, doesn’t matter where you are.
We just do it very discreetly and stealth as possible..

Q: I have paid, but my status is up Processing?
A: Your order was payed without the blockchain fee

Q: Give me the Shipping days please?
A: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Q: Do you ship Worldwide?
A: No, only EU

Q: Do you use Track & Trace?
A: NO Tracking (All orders).

Q: Where do you sent from?
A: From Germany.

Q: How much is the shipping?
A: To European Union 5,- Euro — To Germany Free.

Q: What means “Shipping EU 2e Order Free”?
A: If you order the same day 2 or more orders, you pay only 5,– Euro for the first Shipping, more orders fill in “Shipping EU 2e order FREE”.

Q: How do you send your shipments safely?
A: We have developed our stealth methods over years you can trust in our service. Each shipment is sent with the best stealth possible.

Q: Where do I send my address when placing an order?
A: Include it encrypted in the address field on the Checkout page.

Q: The address (PGP encrypt Generator) link don’t work for me.
A: PGP encrypt Generator works only with java.

Q: How do I know that my order is shipped?
A: Our products are processed within two business days, look in your Account – Order – Status, if the order status on shipped, then the order is on his way.

Q: How long will my package take to arrive?
A: – Germany 2-3 business days. – European Countries within 4-8 business days.

Q: Do you issue refunds or exchanges?
A: NO, due to the nature of our products and business model we don’t issue refunds or exchanges. Once you place an order we assume that you agree with this policy.

Q: What products do you sell?
A: All products are listed on our shop and Markets.

Q: What countries do you not ship to?
A: We do not ship outside the EU.

Q: How can I buy Bitcoin?
A: One easy way with credit card: https://buy.coingate.com

Q: My packaged never arrived… what now?
A: Hanf4You Assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:
– mistakes made by the postal offices
– wrong address given by the customer
– damage or loss of packages by postal service
– stolen packages after delivery
– seized packages by customs or authorities
(We only guaranty that it was processed and shipped).