Markets & Shops

This is Official list of all Darknet Markets. Links are PGP verified and unclickable for your own safety. Updated weekly. Updated for 2019.

Dutch Anonymous Drug Market (vendor store):

First time buyers please use PROMO CODE – DEEPINFO3 for one time 10% off. Just mention this code via email when ordering.

Darknet Forum

The Majestic Garden Market: http://talismanrestz7mr.onion

Berlusconi Market: berluscqui3nj4qz.onion (SEIZED BY ITALIAN POLICE)

Cryptonia Market:

bntee6mf5w2okbpxdxheq7bk36yfmwithltxubliyvum6wlrrxzn72id.onion (DOWN)

Silk Road 3.1 Market: silkroad7rn2puhj.onion (EXIT-SCAM)

Tochka Market: http://pointgg344ghbo2s.onion (EXIT-SCAM)

Samsara Market: http://samsaraccrn2jmin.onion (EXIT-SCAM)

Dead/Scam Markets:

Nightmare Market – EXIT SCAM

Dream Market – Shut down

Wall Street Market – EXIT SCAM