MetaGer Search Onion Link

MetaGer Search Onion Link – MetaGer is, according to the Wikipedia a metasearch engine focused on protecting users’ privacy. Based in Germany, and hosted as a cooperation between the German NGO ‘SUMA-EV – Association for Free Access to Knowledge’ and the University of Hannover, the system is built on 24 small-scale web crawlers under MetaGer’s own control. MetaGer has also launched an English site version in 2013, with the launching of the website

Search queries are relayed to as many as 50 search engines. The results are filtered, compiled and sorted before being presented to the user. Users can select the search engines to query according to their individual choices among other options (such as “check for availability and sort by date”). Privacy protection is implemented by several features: MetaGer provides access to their services only through encrypted connections. As of December 2013, there is also a Tor Hidden Service version of the website, the link you can find below:

MetaGer Search Onion Link

MetaGer Search Onion Link

About MetaGer

Guaranteed Privacy

Data protection and privacy are important to us. That’s why we don’t track or store personal data and offer several services to protect your privacy, for example our anonymizing proxy (“Open Anonymously” feature).

Non-Profit Association

MetaGer is a project of the non-profit association SUMA-EV, Association for Free Access to Knowledge. SUMA-EV is primarily committed to promoting media literacy.

Diverse and Free

MetaGer produces diverse results because it is a metasearch engine. We have explained exactly what this means in our transparency statement. By publishing our source code, we show that free access to knowledge is important to us. Our source code is free and open source.

100% Renewable Energy

Sustainability and resource consumption is also a big issue for us. Therefore we pay attention to the energy consumption of our services and only use electricity from renewable energy sources.